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Our Licensing Records Labels

Currently, Hitman Jazz has been providing products and services from 14 licensing records labels across Europe and other countries. We selected only the highest quality, with extraordinary sound, from the talented jazz artists who are willing to explore the new territory in music world, and willing to take a journey with us in Hitman’s style.


The Records Labels include:

  • Stunt Records (Denmark)
  • Act music (Germany)
  • Calibrated Music (Denmark)
  • Telemedia Music Group (Germany),
  • Maxanter Productions (The Netherlands)
  • Nordic Night (Sweden)
  • Prophone Records (Sweden)
  • Ladybird (Sweden)
  • Pony Canyon (Japan)
  • Gramy (Hungary)
  • Worldwide Groove Corporation (Australia)
  • Welscar Music (USA)
  • Carlos Branco & CIA TDA (Brazil)
  • Albatroz Music (Brazil)