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The Hitman’s Way

The Belief in good music and appreciation in artists’ talent are always the drive that motivates us to keep working harder. The music industry in Thailand might seem to be getting slow, but we believe the demand for quality Jazz music is noticeably growing.

Hitman Jazz realized that it’s not easy to market niche music in such a traditional media world, but we do have faith in our music, our artists, and more importantly, the faith in our audiences who have contributed so greatly in our previous success.


New Audiences + New Jazz = New Experience

We have witnessed the increase of sophisticated and educated audiences in Thailand from the larger alternative music events and the growing number of high quality music schools nationwide. Therefore, our belief, that there’re a lot of Thai young audiences who still look for good music, is stronger than ever.

With the new generation of jazz artists we have presented through our records and concerts, we have brought forward the new taste of sound that differentiates itself from the standard jazzy style which stands out and inspires us all. The new experience of Jazz music emerges from this combination between the refreshing sound and the lively audiences. And that is what we believe in, what we work hard for, “The new experience of Jazz.”


“Yes, Jazz Can Do Party”

Our concept created to break the barrier between Jazz and young generation listeners, so that they rethink Jazz as an accessible and enjoyable music. Stay tuned for jazzier, more exceptional music events and workshops. We can’t wait for the new generation music lovers to have a taste of our Jazzy cool and trendy sound.